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Briefly about our team

Many members of the group have been involved with Industrial Mathematics for many years. Recently we decided to join our efforts and experience and establish an operational group. The group comprises the members of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw listed below. Both undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students may join the group for the periods of their involvement in our projects or workshops. We also rely on expert knowledge of specialists from other fields.

The team

prof. Andrzej Palczewski (team leader) interest rate modelling, dynamic portfolio theory of interest rate products, stochastic optimal control theory
prof. Zbigniew Peradzyński geometric methods in PDEs, quantum and plasma physics
dr Monika Piotrowska differential equations with time delay(s), cellular automata approach, mathematical modelling in biology, chemistry and medicine
dr Paweł Bechler approximation theory, frames and wavelets, function spaces, harmonic analysis
dr Piotr Kowalczyk computer simulation of real world phenomena, kinetic theory, applied financial mathematics
dr Piotr Krzyżanowski numerical algorithms for industrial problems, scientific computing, fluid flow simulation
Group's logo derived from a public domain drawing by ovideva at We also use icons by warszawianka.