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Cooperation and services

The members of the group have broad knowledge of numerous fields of mathematics with practical applications: we have experts in fluid mechanics and structural engineering, applications of mathematics in biology, pharmacology and medicine, applications in finance and insurance, statistics. The memebrs of the group are also experienced in numerical analysis and the use of IT methods. Our research is world-class, and our continued participation in international scientific conferences guarantees that we are acquainted with the latest research developments and their practical applications.

Our offer

We are open to various forms of cooperation. As part of our typical activities we offer:

covering very broad range of applications of mathematical methods in industry. As an example of the need for such services one can consider export companies which in 2008 entered into extremely risky currency contracts, which incurred mulit-million losses. The cost of consultations would have been orders of magnitude lower than the incurred losses.
Student and master thesis projects
carried out free of charge for outside companies as part of student projects or master theses. We offer the work of our students and professional supervision of our faculty over these projects. The involvement of partner company is limited to devoting the time for presenting the problem and consultations during the project. The partner company benefits by obtaining a proposed solution of the problem and a potential employee who is well prepared to deploy the solution.
Small scale projects
intended mainly for small to medium enterprises - when the used methods or commercial software packages are not sufficient for new or improved products, it becomes necessary to introduce changes wihout incurring significant costs. A typical project of this kind requires 12 person-months of work.
Medium and large scale projects
involve the transfer of new technology or the creation of new software package from scratch. A typical cost of such project is 3 to 6 person-years.
Training courses
for company employees in the field of applications of modern mathematical and IT tools in the production process.

Our assets

Group's logo derived from a public domain drawing by ovideva at We also use icons by warszawianka.